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Chromecast has been woefully short on streaming music options ways of life it launched in july, but that changing with the appearance of pandora support.

Having pandora iphone or android app, you can now use it to play music through the telly with google $35 chromecast dongle.You should see the little cast button near the playback controls as long as your app is up to par.Support for ipad tablet is coming soon.

I gave it a simple spin, and delay well enough.Because you just maintaining everything through pandora existing mobile app, all the service features are set Pandora Bracelets UK up already.You may give songs the thumbs up or thumbs down, look at at artist bios as you listen.The app also lets you use your phone or tablet hardware buttons to turn the actual up or down on chromecast.

On an associated note, pandora just optimized its android app for tablets just like the nexus 7, utilizing the extra screen space with artist bios and a navigation sidebar.It merely a blown up smartphone app, and appears great.

The chromecast support isn sleek, stated.Pandora doesn sync your online game across devices, so if you begin a second phone or tablet, it won pick up playback from machine you were using before.It also unclear whether pandora will add native chromecast support using the desktop version of chrome.If your goal is to stream music from a laptop, you still need to use chromecast clunky tab mirroring feature, what is in beta.

Remain, it nice to see another buffering music option on chromecast.So far, google be a musician was the only choice, and that app isn even acceptable for ios users least not yet.When, really should use tab mirroring to stream any music service to chromecast from a laptop, but that doesn help if notebook lounging around with a phone or tablet.

That may next for chromecast?Nobody near google seems to know.So far actually other addition has been hulu plus.Although google has released tendency tools for app makers to play with, no one been allowed to launch chromecast support without google explicit Cheap Pandora Charms authorization.Google won say if or to be able to will open the app floodgates.

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