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Patriotic armageddon

The »roaring of Thewaters »-witnessed in Katrina and TheSouth Asian Tsunami-add apocalyptic rage and lament to The »peoples of Theearth » – all Thewhile « Wars and rumors of wars » plunge Thenations into Theultimate « Clash of civilizations »Ominously foretold by harvard’s dr.Samuel huntington’s extrapolation announced over a decade ago.

The cataclysmic overshadows the grief of ceaseless wars.Charles krauthammer’s »Democratic globalism »-Where such conflicts within the american new world order framework are unilateral, pre-Emptive, and orchestrated in the name of spreading democracy.If they meet the criteria of »National interest »-Are easily perpetuated now that we’ve utterly disregarding eisenhower’s warning: « Beware of the military-Industrial complex.  »

Each day the present geo-Political reality confirms what the tribulation network has been saying for the past two years!How much longer can the world debate whether or not we should call the current war on terrorism/terror:The west vs.Radical islam?

Now, the eu and iran squabble over iran’s real intentions-But the us makes plans for taking out iran’s nuclear threat.September-We commemorate the »Official »Commencement of the »War on terror. « Bolton is in place at the un-Bush is ready to move and faster than you think(About as fast as the democrats turn in a victory claim on a dead jackass in ohio).

We have termed the Spiritual force(S)Behind »Radical islam »The rise of »Gog »-That great principality the bible declares, who under the prince of darkness(Both now, as found in ezekiel 38, 39, and daniel 11:40-45;And at the close the millennium in revelation 20:7-10), is summoned to confront Israel at the »End of days »And at the conclusion of millenarian bliss.

To announce this, to be utterly cognizant and biblically affirmed in this scenario, does not mean that we here at the tribulation network are hell-Bent on an armageddon strategy and full of gloom and doom.There’s hope beyond the criminality and destruction that is going on out there-Most of which acclaims »Peace and safety »To all who would join in assailing the prospect of gog and those allied with this principality(Magog).

Kenneth timmerman’s much-Acclaimed exposure on teheran’s intentions(The coming nuclear showdown with iran)Has been given overwhelming exposure in the »Conservative media »And even some liberals concur with his nuclear suspicions.A quick read of timmerman’s immediate conclusions portend an exceedingly aggressive iran with 30 deliverable nukes on the ready-We’re talking a major crisis here where even the french(Can you believe)Would side with the us and go after iran!

Tbn/left-Behind christianity’s scenario

Likewise, we have repeatedly warned of the folly, false hope-Yea, deception, fraught with pride and false patriotism, which cripples the evangelical church in america from her true testimony to the cross of christ!

Their shameful display of such in the war on terror, in the name of the son of god-Against the »Evil doers »-Is akin to the cutting off of the ear of tiertex the servant of the high priest wrought by impetuous peter that night in the garden of gethsemane in order to protect his master.As if the master needed any sword of man!

Our previous toMes Have excoriated our beloved brother, dave hunt, for his persistent denial of gog’s specificIty-Claiming It all blends together into armageddon.This he deliberately does, i surmise, because of the premillenarian embarrassMent of claiming that gog-Magog was for decades believed to be russia And her arab allies-But that stupidIty ended when the cold True Religion Jeans UK war terminated any real russian thrEat(Note:If biblicists would Have taken the nations »LIterally » -As they are wont to do-The current alignMent of nations in the middle east found in gog-Magog, And recorded in ezekiel 38-39, is nigh perfect! ).2:9-10)Has not been »Revealed in his own tiMe » (Ii thess.Overall a grEat film wIth an even better conclusion.Alas!The you-Can-Have-Your-Cake-And-Eat-It-Too proponents of »Bless-Me-Christianity »Are more than thrilled to pay full price to see such a resounding confirmation of their eschatology!

Thus it was on the evening of july 23 that i actually viewed the film myself-All the while musing over mcneely’s remarks that it was well-Worth the original price to be paid right after 9/11’s attack;And, since i abide within the confines of laodicean christendom, why not?In point of fact michael york, interviewed after the performance(And, by the way, he’s an excellent actor/performer-No problem there as antichrist)Amplified the significance of the film’s release shortly after 9/11 as a »Rare exception »To all other violent films being placed on hold:Except megiddo’s carnage.

And, why was this?Because of its solid usa-Patriotic agenda.

Michael biehn(Terminator, The abyss, The seventh sign)Plays david alexander, The broTher Of antichrist york(Stone alexander).The $20-Million film released by The crouches(MatThew and paul Of tbn)Depicts a turn-Of-The-Century premillenarianism/pre-Tribulationalism(In the main)View of eschatology-With a super-Duper patriotic twist that utterly exonerates the usa, aside from a demonic-Style secretary of state who attempts to dethrone biehn(Who as vice-President inherits the presidency of the usa when stone alexander greets the usa president near rome in an attempt to persuade him to join the new world order under the yet-Revealed antichrist).The usa president is implanted, upon a handshake with antichrist, with a biologically-Transmitted disease which kills the usa president.

But.Lo and behold, usa president biehn/alexander holds out against his antichrist brother, stone alexander, in a clash of american patriotism(Good)Vs.Awful antichrist globalism(Evil)-Escaping the coup of the demon-Possessed secretary of state(Played by a white male-Just thought i’d mentioned it).Now, biehn helicopters over to the sixth fleet in the mediterranean sea and launches an all-Out assault against antichrist york at his palace near rome(And, of course, a sinister false prophet, wrapped in clerical garb with incessant whisperings.

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